OO Gauge

SCMRC Static ‘00’ Scale Layout

​Situated within the club house at the SCMRC is the static ‘00’ scale layout which measures 41’ by 13’. The layout consist of a ‘U’ shape with two main running lines that double back on themselves, this enables a continuous run of around 160’. The largest feature on the layout is the scratch built power station, complete with turbine hall and three cooling towers. There is a loop of track that circles the power station that enables coal trains to access it. Next to the power station, situated at the back of the layout, is one of two stations. This one is a through station that incorporates two island platforms large enough to accommodate a loco and ten coaches or a full length HST set, while running through the middle are two through lines.

Several sidings lay at the back of the platforms to enable storage of trains due to the layout not having a fiddle yard. At the front of the layout is the second station. Again, this is large enough to accommodate a loco and ten coaches or a full length HST set. All the lines that run through have a platform face, which enables 5 trains to stop. Behind this station is a high level street scene that has shops based upon and named from those in the local area. Next to this station ¡s an area that incorporates a small yard and depot, while behind that is a small village scene.

The layout is mainly controlled by conventional analogue H&M controllers with panels housing switches for isolation and push buttons for point control. The outer circuit has a switch to enable DCC operation, with a Gaugemaster Prodigy DCC system being available for this.

With all track and electrics in place, attention has now turned to adding the scenery. This is now about 60% complete thanks to the hard work of our members.

‘Canalside’ 00 gauge Layout

A couple of years ago the opportunity presented itself for the club to purchase ‘Canalside’ from the Burnham and District MRC.
This layout was a familiar attraction on the exhibition scene and has now found a permanent home in our club room. It measures around 18 feet by 6 feet and consists of a GWR 1920s period 4-track through station fed via an extensive fiddle yard. Its scenery has been constructed to a very high standard and the layout as a whole perfectly represents a GWR station in its heyday.

Members run stock from the GWR period to the present day and although we usually try to stay with a particular period it isn‘t unusual to see members testing their latest purchases from quite differing eras.

Currently we operate the layout on a DC basis but it will be a very easy project to convert it to a joint DC/DCC operation, this we intend to do during this autumn.