Gauge 1 Layout

The gauge one layout is a representation of British main-line practice based on the Southern Region of BR.  The layout loading gauge is set to allow running of British outline 10mm scale stock on 45mm gauge track.

The layout is approximately 75 feet long by 20 feet wide and each of the double track main lines provides around one scale mile of running at 10mm scale.  The layout features a typical Southern Art-Deco station, 4 signal boxes, a tunnel, a large road-over-rail bridge and several sidings for rolling stock.  Both inner and outer main running lines have their own individual steaming-up bays with turntables for servicing live-steam locomotives.  The minimum radius of curves is 10 feet, enough for most large pacific locomotives to run on the layout.

Members run a mixture of live-steam and battery-electric locomotives and these represent mainly Southern or Great Western prototypes although others are occasionally seen.  We do not run foreign types or narrow gauge models as the loading gauge only accommodates British-outline stock up to 10mm scale.  The track is not electrified.

Current members possess a wide range of skills relating to gauge 1 and will gladly help new members get started in this scale where ready-to-run models are not so common but can be obtained at a cost.  Most members who run on the club’s gauge one layout are also members of the Gauge 1 Model Railway Association (G1MRA) and this is advisable to gain the greatest benefit from this magnificent scale.  New members are encouraged to help maintain and develop the layout and a wide range of skills are needed for this which can be developed at the club.

Finally, the SCMRC gauge 1 layout is the only permanent indoor gauge 1 layout in the country where members can enjoy access every day and it is especially beneficial in the winter when outdoor running is not such an inviting prospect.  For the very modest subscription charged to become a member of the SCMRC, established and prospective gauge 1 enthusiasts can avail themselves of this fine layout to run their trains in comfort.

We look forward to seeing you!