N Gauge Layout

The N gauge team are currently operating trains on all three levels because of the team’s progress on the new layout. 

The layout is approximately 4.3 km long in scale and is a reduced continuous run. 
The open frame baseboard method has been used, along with one helix at each end to raise the track bed. (As seen in the accompanying photographs), track laying and wiring have been tested and ballasted, and completed, enabling trains to run.
The layout can be operated on both DC and DCC.
Furthermore, the open frame baseboards are built in a way that eliminates the requirement for personnel to work under the boards on any maintenance.
The layout uses Peco Streamline 80 code track throughout which enables us to run both old and new locos as trouble free as possible. 
We are currently building two branch lines which will be run by an auto shuttle.
The plan is for the twin-track yard to have a consist on each track, with the shuttle controller selecting at random which consist leaves the yard and travels to the covered station, which is at the opposite end of the layout.
The consist will arrive at the covered station, wait a certain amount of time (anything from five to thirty seconds), and then depart back to the yard.
Furthermore, there will be a transitional point where the current consist will halt at random and wait for a further five to thirty seconds.
An Arduino microcontroller serves as the shuttle controller; it chooses which consist moves forward, adjusts the points if needed, and chooses how long the consist waits in the yard or at the covered and intermediate stations.
Because the layout isn’t focused on any one location, the team can run a large range of stock.
The N gauge crew hves also finished two further layouts: one with a head-shunt and fiddle yard, and the other with a short shunting scheme and a countryside/wayside station terminus. The latter can be shown at the Club, or at the Club’s annual summer exhibition.